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The future of the European STEM workforce: what do secondary school pupils of Europe think about STEM industry and careers

This paper, published in  2015,  examines how students' interest and enjoyment of learning STEM subjects is often equated with their interest in STEM careers. Yet research shows that engagement with school science and motivation for a science career are not the same as students may simultaneously report positive attitudes to STEM subjects and actively reject STEM as a future career option.

Using the context of the multinational European project inGenious in this study we examine secondary students’ views on different aspects of learning STEM subjects and on STEM careers. The areas covered in the study include students' interest in science and technology, their views on school teaching of STEM subjects, social attitudes to the STEM sector as well as students’ inclinations towards STEM-related careers.

This paper was written by Dr Irina Kudenko (Researcher and Data Evaluation Analyst, Myscience, York) and Dr Àgueda Gras-Velázquez (Science Programme Manager, European Schoolnet, Brussels, Belgium).

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