The Royal Institution - Christmas Lectures 2023 - The truth about AI

The Royal Institution's 2023 Christmas Lectures - The truth about AI, will take place in December 2023 and will be broadcast on the BBC later in the month. This collection of resources from the STEM Learning digital resource collection can support the themes addressed in this three lectures series presented by Professor Mike Wooldridge with the support of other eminent speakers in the field.

The lectures will explore the big questions facing AI and unravel the myths about how this ground-breaking technology really works.

The themes to be covered are:

  • Comparing how artificial intelligence works and learns, with how the human brain functions, focussing on artifical neural networks which are inspired by neural structures in the brain.
  • Explaining the recent rise in the use of generative AI to produce text, image or video based content.
  • The existing role of AI in: healthcare, creative industries like art and music, and gaming
  • How driverless cars and robots navigate their surroundings
  • The risks of AI and the future of this technology

Further details about the lectures can be found on the Royal Institution website.



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