Here is a collection of resources which can bring a Christmas theme to teaching and learning.  

The Christmas demonstrations section includes science demonstrations suitable for all age groups and can be done in the home.

Other activities more suitable for the classroom can be found in the separate collections for primary and secondary resources.



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Christmas demonstrations

This series of science experiments from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network are presented as Christmas table demonstrations, using household equipment, but are also suitable for use in the classroom at both primary and secondary level to illustrate a range of scientific concepts.

These resources give a wide range of ideas to introduce a winter seasonal theme to the teaching of mathematics and science.

This collection includes a wide range of resources to bring the Christmas theme into Science, Maths, Computing, and design and technology lessons.  Activities include:

  • deciding which planet Santa might live on
  • a coding lesson for lights on a Christmas tree,
  • making a Rudolph the red...

The Royal Institution's 2023 Christmas Lectures - The truth about AI, will take place in December 2023 and will be broadcast on the BBC later in the month. This collection of resources from the STEM Learning digital resource collection can support the themes addressed in this three lectures series presented by...