Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appreciation Day - 16th July

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming necessary in many areas of life, from healthcare to entertainment. This collection of resources support exploration of Artificial Intelligence for students aged 7 to 16.  



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Understanding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - video collection

This collection of STEM Learning videos explores the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning and computing. Taking a deep dive into AIs place in our world and what the future might hold. AI and machine learning are useful tools, developing rapidly and are around us every day, from ChatGPT, apps on mobile...

Debate kit - will the benefits of AI outweigh its risks?

Using the AI debate kit,  students explore the benefits and risks that AI poses to individuals and society, now and in the future. What decisions should be made by AI? What data is needed to support these decisions? Does AI pose a threat to our own intelligence or bolster it?

The different ‘rounds’ of the...

STEM Clubs Artificial Intelligence resource

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a disruptive technology, meaning that it is significantly changing the way that people, businesses, and industry interact. To put it in context, the invention of the wheel, electricity, TV, and GPS are all disruptive technologies that changed the way in which society worked.


Machine learning: What is the effect of data size on a sorting activity?

This resource provides a set of videos and a practical investigation aimed at supporting working scientifically in the classroom and relating science to real world experiences. In the first video Professor Brian Cox joins a teacher in a classroom to demonstrate the setting up and carrying out of the experiment. In...