In this collection of resources, pupils will learn about moths and butterflies and their habitats. They will learn about the important role that butterflies and moths have in food chains, and how different animals in the food chain are dependent on each other to survive. Through a dance activity they will find out about the different ways that habitats can be changed by humans, and understand how these habitat changes can pose dangers to butterflies and moths, and have a knock-on effect on other animals in the food chain.



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Superpillars assemble - dance activity 1 - butterflies, moths and their habitats

In this first activity of the Superpillars Assemble, pupils watch a video to learn about butterflies, moths and their habitats and the threat posed by humans and other predators. They also learn various movements to perform the caterpillar dance with an optional mask children can decorate and wear. Through a...

Superpillars assemble - activity 2 - the life cycle of moths and butterflies

In the second activity of the Superpillars Assemble, pupils are introduced to butterfly and moth habitats and their life cycle with a narrated PowerPoint presentation. They then complete an activity to construct the life cycle of a butterfly and describe which part of the plant a butterfly caterpillar might eat,...

Superpillars assemble - activity 3 - indicator species and food chains

In the third activity of the Superpillars Assemble, pupils learn about the important role of butterfly and moth caterpillars in the food chain through a narrated PowerPoint presentation. Children carry out an activity to explore the impact of a farmer spraying insecticide on the plant that the caterpillar eats, on...

Superpillars linked activities

These supplementary activities enable pupils to explore butterflies and moths further by learning about the achievements of a naturalist and artist Maria Sibylla Merian, whose careful observations and drawings showed that caterpillars turn into butterflies and moths, and look at butterflies in art, creating a...

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