Nobel Prize Awards Week

This is a collection of resources to engage students in the world’s most prestigious awards. Featuring a collection of animations about previous award-winning scientists and their work, these resources tell the inspiring stories of researchers such as Marie Curie and Albert Einstein. Look out for new resources as the winners are announced!



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Physics Nobel prize 2011-Brian Schmidt

This video explores the fate of the universe from an historical position. It explains how the rate of expansion of the universe can be measured.

Since 1951, Nobel Laureates and young scientists have met in Lindau in Bavaria for a scientific conference which aims to foster scientific exchange between different cultures and generations.

These animated videos use clips from some of the conference presentations to explain globally relevant scientific...

Get your pupils discussing the work of Nobel prize winner for physiology or medicine 2022, Svante Paabo, by looking at evolution and DNA sequencing with these resources.

  • Evolution - For primary aged pupils looks at how organisms adapt to their environment and think about adaptations for humans that...