Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings: mini lectures

Since 1951, Nobel Laureates and young scientists have met in Lindau in Bavaria for a scientific conference which aims to foster scientific exchange between different cultures and generations.

These animated videos use clips from some of the conference presentations to explain globally relevant scientific topics at a level which can be used by teachers.


Mini lectures: global warming

Looks at the impact of global warming and to what extent humanity has contributed to this.  The animated video explains the greenhouse effect, and how greenhouse gases can absorb infrared radiation and then re-emit it.   It also looks at how the oceans become more acidic when carbon dioxide is absorbed from the...

Mini lectures: gravitational waves

This animation describes how gravitational waves were first detected, in 2015, at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), 100 years after Einstein predicted them.  Newton’s theory of gravity and Einstein’s theory of General Relativity are briefly described.  Taylor and Hulse showed indirect...

Mini lectures: cosmology

This animated video describes how Einstein’s field equations led to the cosmological constant, which was later shown to be incorrect.  However, Friedmann and Lemaitre found solutions to Einstein’s equations, if the universe was still expanding.  Hubble found evidence from the red-shift of galaxies that the universe...

Mini lectures: cancer


This video can be used as an introduction to the topic of cancer as itgives an overview to the process. It provides a clear explanation of many of the key terms used when discussing cancer formation

Key terms explained: meiosis, mitosis,apoptosis, mutation, tumour, oncogenesis, mutagens, reverse...


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