Star Wars day - 4th May

This collection includes some activities for primary and secondary aged pupils which could be linked to Star Wars day.  

There are several activities looking at exoplanets and the search for alien life elsewhere in the Universe, which could be used to challenge the scientific validity of the film series.

In addition, there are a couple of resources linked to Star War characters such as 'Jedi - The new religion' which enables pupils aged 11 to 14 to analyse census data including people who listed Jedi as their religion, and also an article in Computer Science for Fun which explains how the Wookie call was created for the films.




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Are we alone: the search for planets beyond our Solar System

This exciting resource consists of nine practical activities based upon the search for exoplanets, (planets beyond our own solar system), where life may exist. Aimed at primary children aged 7–11, activities are based around working scientifically  and link to many aspects of the science curriculum including; space...

The Mars Mission: Aliens!

In this activity children use the context of exploring Mars to investigate living things, habitats and electricity. The activities are:



Finding exoplanetsExoplanets are planets outside our own solar system. Find out how scientists use ingenious methods to spot them.

Goldilocks zoneFinding the right conditions to support life is a delicate...

Paxi Explores Exoplanets

This short animation films joins Paxi as he explores exoplanets. Paxi explains what exoplanets are, how they are discovered and he explores the many different types of exoplanet. This video produced by the European Space Agency would be well placed at the start of a Key Stage 2 Science lesson to introduce new...