Star Wars day - 4th May

This collection includes some activities for primary and secondary aged pupils which could be linked to Star Wars day.  

There are several activities looking at exoplanets and the search for alien life elsewhere in the Universe, which could be used to challenge the scientific validity of the film series.

In addition, there are a couple of resources linked to Star War characters such as 'Jedi - The new religion' which enables pupils aged 11 to 14 to analyse census data including people who listed Jedi as their religion, and also an article in Computer Science for Fun which explains how the Wookie call was created for the films.




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Alien worlds and the Doppler effect

Produced by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, this booklet gives instructions on a practical demonstration of the Doppler effect. The practical uses a portable speaker an audio software to calculate the change in frequency. Included is an online video that shows the demonstration and places it in the context of...

Jedi - the New Religion

In this resource from stats4schools, students are asked if they believe in 'the Force'. One of the questions on the 2001 census asked people about their religion. Some people did put Jedi as a response on their census form and the Office for National Statistics have released this data. Students investigate this...

CS4FN Issue 21

This issue of Computer Science for Fun focuses on the work of scientists and engineers using computers to ...