World Meteorological Day - 23rd March

World Meteorological Day takes place every year on 23rd March and commemorates the establishment of the World Meteorological Organization. This collection includes a number of activities looking at the weather and climate, from measuring weather phenomena such as rainfall, wind direction and speed, to using 3D printers to create 3D models of temperature data. Also included is a video explaining how mathematical modelling is used to predict the weather.  

More details about the day can be found on the World Meteorological Organization's website.

Resources for primary pupils are at the top of the list while those suitable for secondary are in the second half of the list.



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These resources from the Royal Meteorological Society focus on topics related to climate change, and offer a selection of activities suitable for different age groups. 

Seasonal changes: wonderful weather

This resource provides six activities linked to the weather and seasonal changes. Children look at weather forecasts, observe the weather and set up weather stations to record...

Weather vs. climate

In this set of activities, children learn the difference between weather and climate. They identify different climatic zones and collect their own weather data. They analyse and compare daily and monthly air temperature measurements. Finally, they  learn about different climate scenarios and identify what it means...

Issue 37: The Weather

This issue of the Primary Magazine from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) takes weather as its inspiration for a number of mathematical starting points.