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These resources from the Royal Meteorological Society focus on topics related to climate change, and offer a selection of activities suitable for different age groups. 


Ocean acidification and CO2 absorption

Many sea creatures such as crabs and shell fish are affected greatly by the levels of acid and temperatures of the ocean they live in as it prevents their outer shell development. This can lead to a depletion in numbers and a knock on effect along the food chain.

These resources include practical activities...

Particulate matter, ice, albedo and melting

Glaciers exposed to particulate matter (pollutants) undergo changes to their surface reflectivity. This phenomena called albedo leads to an increased heat absorption at the surface of the ice and as a result an acceleration in the melting process. This resource includes a practical activity that models the effects...

Climate change negotiations activity

An activity that encourages students to form opinions on the issues of climate change and put forward arguments in a simulated world climate change conference scenario. Groups are assigned to one of ten countries from around the world and represent them and pledge emission reductions. Both qualitative and...

3D printing the weather

This activity enables students to create 3D models that represent temperature data. Via a series of video tutorials students are guided step by step through the process. Tinkercad 3D modelling software is required to do this but is freely available online, as well as access to a 3D printer. Once printed the tactile...


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