Halloween - Secondary Resources - 31st October

This collection highlights resources with a Halloween theme that can be used to look at topics varying from light to sound, coding to the musculoskeletal system, and the chemistry of witchcraft and wizardry. Activities include coding challenges to enhance a pumpkin carving decoration, making a head disappear and engineering challenges to replace parts of the human skeleton.  There are also videos on intelligent slime and how astronauts’ skeletons change when they are in space.



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Is there witchcraft and wizardry in the real world?

You may think that magic and spells only exist in your favourite books and movies. But can we make magic in the real world? This resource investigates how you can use science to make things change colour and state, or even disappear.

The activities are introduced with a quick objective and a preparation...

The Vanishing Head aka Ghost Drink Trick

In this magic trick, based on Pepper's ghost, any object placed in a box becomes transparent or sometimes even vanishes. By controlling the relative amounts of light transmitted and reflected through a piece of Perspex at a 45 degree angle, objects seem to appear or vanish.


Ideal for a Halloween-themed coding lesson! Using sparkles to mirror a candle in a pumpkin – can you make it flicker or only come on once it’s dark?

Red eyed portrait

Ideal for a Halloween-themed coding lesson! Using sparkles to imitate eyes in a portrait – but can be made harder using LDRs or making the lights fade in and out.


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