Halloween - Primary Resources - 31st October

This collection highlights resources with a Halloween theme that can be used to look at topics varying from sound, the human body, plant life cycle and coding.  Activities include coding challenges to make a pumpkin decoration flicker and their eyes change colour, or learn more about bats and how they use sound to locate objects.  Pumpkins are also used to look at plant life cycles whilst resources on bones and skeletons are very relevant for this season.



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Ideal for a Halloween-themed coding lesson! Using sparkles to mirror a candle in a pumpkin – can you make it flicker or only come on once it’s dark?

Red eyed portrait

Ideal for a Halloween-themed coding lesson! Using sparkles to imitate eyes in a portrait – but can be made harder using LDRs or making the lights fade in and out.

Pumpkins against Poverty

This cross curricular resource explores the difference that growing pumpkins can make to the lives of people living in flood affected regions in Bangladesh. It includes finding out about Bangladesh and its people and ways to address poverty, investigating the pumpkin lifecycle and seed germination, designing and...

Sandy seeds - Primary Global upd8

Aimed at primary level, this resource provides a practical context to explore the requirements of plants for life and growth. Children are introduced to the ways in which local communities in Bangladesh successfully grow enough pumpkins for themselves and to sell to provide an income. This leads into an...


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