National Coding Week - 14th to 20th September 2024

Suitable resources for both primary and secondary aged pupils are listed here with those suitable for secondary resources being listed at the top. Some of the resources, like 'Code and Rescue' cover a series of possible lessons to look at code and programming whilst others like 'Programming languages - Harold the robot' and ‘Cre8ate Maths: Digital Design – Programming’ are one off activities.



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Making games with Python & Pygame

This resource is a detailed guide to Pygame. Pygame is an open source library that allows students to make graphical computer games and multimedia applications in the Python programming language. The book is suitable for students aged 14 – 18 years, Ideally, students should already have been taught the basics of...

Code and rescue

This Royal Academy of Engineering resource teaches students coding through a series of physical computing and practical activities that explore the essential role engineers have in supporting the emergency services and search and rescue missions.

Combining plugged activities, using a Crumble Controller, and...

Cre8ate Maths: Digital Design - Programming

These Cre8ate maths activities are provided to introduce students to the fundamental processes involved in programming a computer. Students are given drawings, along with the Logo commands which have been used and, by...

RAF Code Commanders - cosmic launch project

This activity is a space-themed coding project for learners, combining six to ten hours of STEM linked learning. These lessons use Scratch game creation to explore space and interplanetary missions.