A selection of activity packs published by the European Space Agency (ESA) on topics related to climate change.



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Arctic sea ice and climate change

This resource from the European Space Agency climate change resource pack provides background information on the role of Arctic sea ice upon the Earth’s climate system. All activities are set in the context of the Northwest Passage. Changes in the amount of sea ice can disrupt normal ocean circulation, leading to...

Biodiversity and habitat loss

This resource from the European Space Agency climate change resource pack explores the topic of biodiversity and how habitat loss is a key driver of global biodiversity loss occurring today. In a series of activities students explore the importance of biodiversity focusing in particular on distributions of common...

The prospects for life on small islands

In this set of activities children learn about the causes and potential impacts of sea-level rise while developing working scientifically. They use data from satellites which observe the Earth and collect information as the basis of evidence for this.

Activities are:

  • reading a story about how...

The discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole

In this set of activities, pupils will learn about ozone and the impacts – good and bad – it has on life on Earth.

Activities are:

  • finding out about ozone and how it is measured and introducing the story of the Antarctic ozone hole
  • investigating the effectiveness of sunscreen
  • ...


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