A selection of activity packs published by the European Space Agency (ESA) on topics related to climate change.



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A passage opens

In this set of activities, students learn about the important role Arctic sea ice plays in the Earth’s climate system. The activities are set in the context of the Northwest Passage.

Sea ice from space

In this set of activities, students will investigate Arctic sea ice and its connection to climate. They will discover what happens when oceans freeze by carrying out a series of practical experiments. They have the opportunity to analyse real images from ESA satellites (CryoSat and Copernicus) to locate sea ice...

Tracking Hurricane Matthew

This pack of resources is based upon Hurricane Matthew and is designed as a complete Scheme of Work on GIS skills that teachers can use with geography classes from KS3 to KS5, using the...

Highways of the oceans - Sea currents and the connection to climate

In this resource from the European Space Agency, students use a multimedia module to learn about sea currents, the highways of the oceans, and how they are important for understanding local climates. Through a hands-on activity students investigate the causes of ocean currents. The final activity use satellite...


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