Health care and medicine

The resources in this collection provide guidance on practicals, study sheets and classroom activities which were produced to support the teaching of Applied Science specifications.  Topics include:

  • Comparing thermometers or blood pressure monitor
  •  Investigating thermography
  • Investigating the Wisconsin card sorting test 
  • Investigating X-rays
  • Lung function testing
  • Microbiology and the pathology service
  • Oral glucose tolerance test 
  • Researching and planning bioassays
  • Researching and planning chemical assays
  • Using blood pressure monitors
  • Wisconsin card sorting test correlational studies



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Comparing thermometers or blood pressure monitors

In this activity, students plan an investigation to compare two clinical thermometers or two blood pressure devises.   They will need to investigate:

  • the key features needed by a clinical thermometer or blood pressure monitor. The generic features required by physiological measuring devices are...

Investigating thermography

Students research the theoretical principles of thermography and create a thermogram.  They will need to:

  • find out about hot body radiation and the medical uses of thermography
  • Create a thermogram. Temperatures are...

Investigating X-rays

In these applied science activities, students will:

  • Carry out research to find out about X-rays and the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Investigate shadows and how X-ray images are captured, how to improve images using narrow beams and filters, and protection against X-rays
  • Model X-ray...

Lung function testing

Medical professionals use lung function test to diagnose and monitor lung diseases. In these activities, students investigate how these tests are carried out and determine some of the factors which might affect the results. They will work with a partner to use a peak flow meter and a spirometer.