This collection of resources provides activities for children aged from 4-11, using the theme of exploring Mars as the context. The six activities for each age group of children, allow them to find out more about the ExoMars Mission in 2022 and about searching for life on Mars.

The activities link to many areas of the primary curriculum including; living things, forces, coding and design and technology. Resources are:

  • Marvellous Machines
  • And Now for the Weather!
  • Robots
  • Landing and Exploring
  • Aliens!
  • Building on Mars

This collection has been provided by ESERO-UK.



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The Mars Mission: Aliens!

In this activity children use the context of exploring Mars to investigate living things, habitats and electricity. The activities are:


The Mars Mission: Building on Mars

This resource provides activities for children aged from 4-11,using the theme of building a settlement on Mars as the context. The activities are: