Mars 4-7 years

This collection of resources support learning about STEM subjects using the context of exploring Mars. These activities are particularly suitable for pupils aged 4-7 years.



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The Mars Mission


This collection of resources provides activities for children aged from 4-11, using the theme of exploring Mars as the context. The six activities for each age group of children, allow them to find out more about the...

Martian Explorers: What are Space Robots?

This resource provides a series of lessons designed to help children understand the need for exploration robots and learn about how they work. The activities link mostly to D&T with a science context, though some of the activities are more focussed on learning in English.

The activities are:


Mars Safari Education Pack

The Mars Safari Education Pack is designed to leave primary school children feeling like they’ve explored the Red Planet! Working in small groups, children design and build their own ExoMars rover, analyse ‘Martian’ soil samples, safely navigate the Rover across the surface of Mars and make a solar light that only...