This is a collection of six teaching resources to help put science into a modern context of careers, including two resources for each of the age groups 11-14, 14-16 and post-16.

Each of the six resources brings together a careers case study with a contemporary scientist working in a different field, followed by a practical investigation and an opportunity for your pupils to do some research of their own. The resources include student sheets and full technical and teaching notes.



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Investigating the Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic Food

In this investigation, students learn about carrying out a fair test, by running a blind trial of organic and non-organic herbs to see if they can identify any differences in taste. The investigation is put into a STEM careers context through an initial case study of James Seymour, a scientist who works as a...

Using Tissue Culture and 'Cloning' for Rare Plant Conservation

In this resource, students carry out a 'cauliflower cloning' tissue culture practical to investigate totipotency in plants. The practical is placed in the context of a STEM careers case study, to give students a broader understanding of the underlying science.

Students are introduced to Jonathan Kendon, a...