Craig ’n’ Dave OCR GCSE Computer Science



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Abstraction is the representation of essential features without including unnecessary details.  It is used to reduce the complexity of systems for users, hiding how things actually work, applying algorithms to different contexts and producing suitable user interfaces.  The first video explains the concept at a...

Programming Techniques

The basics of programming are explored through a “beat that dice” game.  It is assumed that students already have some knowledge and experience of programming before watching the first video, and the purpose of this video is to marry the theory of programming to the established practical experience in preparation...

Producing Robust Programs

The first video is about defensive design considerations.  Data is not always entered in ways that a program might expect.  If this can be easily rectified without asking the user to re-input the data, it is known as input sanitation.  In addition, to prevent invalid data crashing a program, validation techniques...

Computational Logic

The first video explains why data is represented in binary using examples of RAM, a hard disk, optical disks and solid state memory.

The second video illustrates simple circuits built using components to create AND, OR and NOT logic gates.  GCSE students need to be able to combine gates to create more...