Craig ’n’ Dave OCR GCSE Computer Science



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Systems Architecture

The first video explores the first computers that had stored programs in the same memory space as the data required for them.  This is known as the von Neumann architecture and is still the foundation principle on which most computers are still built today.  We take the lid off a central processing unit and explain...


The first video explores the purpose of both RAM and ROM in a typical computer system.  The differences between the two memory types are outlined.

The second video considers what happens when a modern multi-tasking operating system runs out of physical RAM.  Does it output a “memory full” message and refuse...


The first video explains why a computer needs secondary storage, and explains what is meant by primary and tertiary storage.

The second video explains what is meant by the term “capacity” of storage devices.  The relative size of different types of files is introduced.  (More detailed explanations of this...

Wired and Wireless Networks

The first video explores the two main types of networks: local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN).  The reasons for networking stand-alone computers are outlined, and the potential disadvantages too.  The connection options for devices on a network are briefly mentioned and covered in more detail in...