Craig ’n’ Dave OCR GCSE Computer Science



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Network Topologies – Protocols and Layers

The first video examines the topology of modern networks – how the computers are arranged and connected together.  The history of network topologies is outlined briefly, before considering star networks in more detail.  The need for, and the advantages of a central switch, together with the concept of mesh and...

System Security

The first video introduces the variety of threats to system security.  Malware, phishing, brute force attacks, denial of service, data interception/theft and SQL injection are all considered and explained.  Simple notes on each of these are presented toward the end of the video.

The second video explores...

Systems Software

The first video outlines the purpose of systems software: the operating system and utilities.  It consider the role of systems software in providing a user interface and abstraction to the physical hardware.  A variety of different types of user interface are explained in more detail.

The second video...

Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Concerns

The first video introduces a range of concerns surrounding computing technologies.  The idea that new technologies bring with them new social and ethical issues, and that the law is often slow to catch-up to guard people against these issues.  Some of the benefits of new technologies are briefly introduced,...