Teaching enquiry with mysteries incorporated

A set of tried and tested curriculum resources which aim to improve students' enquiry skills and increase engagement.  


Chi wheel

Can people really move objects through the power of their mind? In this lesson, students witness the amazing chi wheel, which claims to work by focusing chi energy. Students test hypotheses to obtain scientific explanations about how it really works.

The activities allow students to explore why hot fluids...

To dissolve or not to dissolve

This mystery explores solubility, ionic salts, polarised and non-polarised liquids.

Two glasses are half full of clear liquid. When a teaspoon of salt is added to both and stirred, it dissolves in one but not in the other. When the two liquids are mixed together, they dissolve in each other to form a...

Unreliable indicator

Students test crystal (alum) deodorants using either a red cabbage indicator or a universal indicator. The universal indicator suggests that the deodorant reacts as an acid, whereas the red cabbage suggests that the deodorant reacts as a base. What is happening here?

This resource can be used with different...

Sea sand overseas

The mystery deals with sand that stays dry when water is poured onto it. Students are requested to find ways to build sand castles with this 'dry' sand.

Curriculum links include:  Chemical bonding, hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions and compounds


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