Teaching enquiry with mysteries incorporated

A set of tried and tested curriculum resources which aim to improve students' enquiry skills and increase engagement.  


Leaking bag

This mystery can be used to introduce osmosis and diffusion. 

Two beakers are displayed at the front of the room. Both look identical in that they both contain a plastic zip--lock bag with a starch solution inside. The zip-lock bags are both sitting in a clear solution. What the students don’t know is that...

How using mysteries supports science learning

Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated (TEMI) intends to prepare students for enquiry-based learning by introducing them to challenging and fascinating phenomena. TEMI resources make use of unknown and uncommon observations as mysteries for students to solve.  This resource looks at what makes a good mystery...

What happened to the cup?

Students investigate why some plastic cups collapse when filled with hot water and some don't.  They compare the effect of hot water on a range of cups and relate their findings to the properties of the plasticsused for each cup:  whether it is biodegradable or not, its melting point (Tm) and its glass transition...

Face on Mars

In the 1970s astronomers took an image of a region of the surface of Mars called “Cydonia“ which resembled a face.   NASA scientist Gerry Soffen described it as a “trick of light and shadow”. What is this image? What can we learn from it?

Students will explore this mystery through a mockup interview. They...


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