Teaching enquiry with mysteries incorporated

A set of tried and tested curriculum resources which aim to improve students' enquiry skills and increase engagement.  


Why did mammoths become extinct?

Why did mammoths become extinct? Scientists have presented two claims: climate change or human hunters. In this lesson students apply their knowledge of evolution and study evidence to decide which claim is best supported.  Students are also asked to explain how a change in the environment can leave a species less...

Mysterious atom

This activity uses Rutherford’s gold foil experiment to show how a scientist carried out an experiment to test a theory and how the unexpected results led to the proposal of a new one.  Students carry out a process of observe, hypothesise, test and conclude in order to work out what a mystery object is.

Timely prediction

This resource from TEMI introduces and explores a mathematical 'magic trick' in which the teacher predicts a random number that is generated by students using a series of number grids.

In order to explain the trick, students must use addition, tables and subtraction, as well as exploring number patterns and...

Your numbers divided

In this TEMI resource, a mathematical 'magic trick' is used to explore divisors, prime numbers and prime factorisation.

In the trick, the teacher invites students to type a random three digit number into their calculators. To make the task of predicting the divisors of this number even more difficult,...


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