The ENGAGE project is part of the EU Science in society agenda to promote more Responsible Research and Innovation’ (RRI).

ENGAGE resources focus on a more inquiry-based methodology, which gives students opportunity for self-expression and responsibility for coming to informed decisions.

Their aims are:

*To help teachers address contemporary science issues and applications relevant to students

*To develop teachers’ beliefs, knowledge and classroom practice for ‘RRI’.

*To provide students a strong foundation to engage in science issues they will meet during their lives



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Appliance Science

The EU has recently imposed limits on the power ratings of vacuum cleaners, and proposes further limits on appliances such as hairdryers. In this activity students consider a further (fictional) future restriction, on home electricity use. Students calculate the energy transferred in kilowatt-hours by the...

Attack of the Giant Viruses

This teaching resource is based on the discovery of a giant 30 000 year old virus, still alive under the permafrost. As the world warms, others may be uncovered. Could such an ancient virus wipe out the human race? In this activity, students learn how to interrogate sources to separate science fact from fiction....

Ban Cola?

In this activity, students consider the evidence for causal links between sugar consumption, obesity and disease. They then weigh up arguments for and against banning sugary drink sales to children.

Curriculum links include:

Key Stage Three:

*Working Scientifically: Analysis and evaluation –...

Ban the Beds

In this activity students work as researchers on a TV show and plan a report about the claim that sunbeds cause skin cancer.

Learning objectives:

*Use knowledge about UV light to explain the link between sunbeds and skin cancer.

*Understand how scientific evidence can support a claim.