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Attack of the Giant Viruses

This teaching resource is based on the discovery of a giant 30 000 year old virus, still alive under the permafrost. As the world warms, others may be uncovered. Could such an ancient virus wipe out the human race? In this activity, students learn how to interrogate sources to separate science fact from fiction.

Learning objectives include:

*Apply knowledge of microorganisms to check the facts in a newspaper report

*Evaluate how trustworthy scientific reports are in the media

Curriculum links include:

Key Stage Three:

*Working Scientifically: Interrogate media reports to evaluate how trustworthy they are

*Cells and organisation


*Working Scientifically: Development of scientific thinking: evaluate associated personal, social, economic and environmental implications.

*Explain how communicable diseases (caused by viruses, bacteria, protists and fungi) are spread in animals and plants.

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