The ENGAGE project is part of the EU Science in society agenda to promote more Responsible Research and Innovation’ (RRI).

ENGAGE resources focus on a more inquiry-based methodology, which gives students opportunity for self-expression and responsibility for coming to informed decisions.

Their aims are:

*To help teachers address contemporary science issues and applications relevant to students

*To develop teachers’ beliefs, knowledge and classroom practice for ‘RRI’.

*To provide students a strong foundation to engage in science issues they will meet during their lives



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Big Bag Ban

The EU has recently approved tough new measures to reduce the use of plastic bags. New targets aim to reduce plastic bag use by 80% before 2019. In this activity students examine degradable plastic bags as a possible alternative to ordinary plastic bags. They choose questions to ask experts, and come to a reasoned...

Car Wars

In this activity students are about to get their first car. They also imagine that increased carbon dioxide emissions have led to huge financial incentives to buy renewable fuels. Filling stations provide hydrogen and biodiesel fuels, and recharging points for electric cars are commonplace. Students are presented...

Chocolate money

Europeans love chocolate - we eat over half the world's supply! The bad news is that we are eating more cocoa than can be produced and soon chocolate may become a rare and precious commodity as farmers struggle to meet demand. In this activity students apply their knowledge of pollination to discuss why cocoa...

Eat Insects

As human population increases our appetite for meat is growing but very soon demand will outstrip supply. Farming large animals puts a strain on our natural resources and creates polluting waste. Scientists are proposing eating insects to help solve this problem. In this activity students are asked to plan a menu...