Algebra: Using Equations and Functions

This sub-collection of resources from the Virtual Text Book collection contains seventeen resources designed for use on an interactive whiteboard to aid the teaching and learning of a variety of topics in ‘Algebra: Using Equations and Functions’. Each resource is an interactive Excel worksheet to encourage teacher-student interaction. The topics covered are:

• Circles – Equations and Graphs
• Cubics (Factorising and Graphing)
• Calculus: Graphing the First and Second Differentials
• Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
• Factorising
• Gradient
• Graphical Solutions of Equations
• Growth and Decay
• Inequalities
• Linear Equations
• Max Box
• Numerical Methods
• Quadratics
• Simultaneous Equations
• Straight Lines: y=mx + c
• Transformation of Functions
• Travel Graphs



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Linear Equations

This resource is an interactive excel program to enable students to solve some different types of linear equations. Each interactive sheet begins with an example of how the student could write out each stage of the solution. Students can click on the cells which are...

Max Box

This resource is an interactive excel program which provides dynamic drawings and graphs related to the classic maximum volume of a box problem. There are two versions of the problem, one starting with a square base and the other with a rectangular base.


Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

This excel program is about finding the equation of straight lines in the form ax+by+c=0. The first two sheets deals with the equation of the line through two given points and the equation of the line through a point perpendicular to a given line. The resource is an...


This resource contains four excel programs with interactive spreadsheets dealing with topics relating to quadratic expressions, their graphs and solving quadratic equations.