Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

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This excel program is about finding the equation of straight lines in the form ax+by+c=0. The first two sheets deals with the equation of the line through two given points and the equation of the line through a point perpendicular to a given line. The resource is an interactive excel program which allows the graphs of the lines to be shown on coordinate grids.

Further sheets deal with similar problems including finding the equation of the perpendicular bisector of a line segment, finding the coordinates of the circum-centre of a triangle and the equations of lines relating to a circle. All the sheets have clear diagrams and the answers can be revealed. Each sheet can generate new examples of each type of problem.

The resource also has a printable set of questions about finding the equation of the line through two given points.


This program was designed to be viewed on a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768. Users may have to adjust the resolution of their screen for the pages to display as was originally intended. The program uses macros which need to be enabled on a machine.

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