Something in Common: Geometry

This sub-collection of resources from the ‘Something in Common’ collection contains 22 resources designed to bring a problem solving approach to the teaching of geometry at Key Stages 3 and 4. Each resource has an introductory presentation, printed materials, and additionally many have supporting files in either Excel or Geogebra format. The topics covered are:

  • Sine Rule

  • Cosine Rule

  • Area of a circle

  • Area of a kite

  • Circle theorems
  • Perpendicular lines

  • Similar triangles

  • Angles in a Polygon



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A rectangle is presented. The length of a diagonal is marked. The sides of the rectangle are given in terms of expressions in x. The challenge is to determine the value of x. Solving the problem involves the use of Pythagoras’ theorem which then gives rise to a quadratic with...

Awkward Triangle

A triangle is given with the lengths written in of surd form. The challenge is to calculate the area of the triangle, without recourse to a calculator. Two methods are investigated. The first...

Letter Wheel

A series of wheels are shown that are in perfect ‘non-slip’ contact with their neighbours and driven by a first wheel. The diameter of each wheel is given. The final wheel has letters evenly...

Obedient Ray

This investigation looks at two mirrors fixed at a point. A ray of light enters the set-up, bounces around and then exits along the same path. The task is to find the angle between the mirrors....