Something in Common: Geometry

This sub-collection of resources from the ‘Something in Common’ collection contains 22 resources designed to bring a problem solving approach to the teaching of geometry at Key Stages 3 and 4. Each resource has an introductory presentation, printed materials, and additionally many have supporting files in either Excel or Geogebra format. The topics covered are:

  • Sine Rule

  • Cosine Rule

  • Area of a circle

  • Area of a kite

  • Circle theorems
  • Perpendicular lines

  • Similar triangles

  • Angles in a Polygon



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Triangle multiple

A triangle is split into two parts by drawing a line from one side to the base of the triangle. The ratio in which the sides are split is shown for each of the sides connected by the line. The task is to find what multiple of the smaller triangle is the larger triangle.

The ‘something in common’ between each...