Something in Common: Geometry

This sub-collection of resources from the ‘Something in Common’ collection contains 22 resources designed to bring a problem solving approach to the teaching of geometry at Key Stages 3 and 4. Each resource has an introductory presentation, printed materials, and additionally many have supporting files in either Excel or Geogebra format. The topics covered are:

  • Sine Rule

  • Cosine Rule

  • Area of a circle

  • Area of a kite

  • Circle theorems
  • Perpendicular lines

  • Similar triangles

  • Angles in a Polygon



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Three Circles and a Tangent

Three circles are shown touching and sharing a common tangent. The radii of the two larger circles are given. The challenge is to calculate the value of the radius of the smallest circle....

What’s the Sine Rule Ratio?

A triangle is shown divided into two regions by a straight line, resulting in the triangle being split into a smaller triangle and a cyclic quadrilateral. A task is set to determine the ratio of an angle and an opposite side. In each of the numerical examples given the answer to 6 significant figures is 14.



In this resource students are given four coordinate points and asked to find the equation of the lines that connect them. The four lines intersect to form a rectangle- can students find the area of the rectangle?

Each student worksheet contains different coordinate points, but the solutions all have...

Determine the diagonals

In this resource students are given a quadrilateral with one angle of 60 degrees and varying side lengths- with two of the sides of equal length. The challenge is to calculate the lengths of the diagonals.

Each student worksheet contains a different quadrilateral, but the solutions all have something in...