STEM Case Studies

Many schools may wish to embrace the STEM agenda but are not certain where to start and are not ready to take a whole school approach by using the STEM Planning Tools.

Starting small by working within the STEM subject departments on a particular project can be a good start that then leads to a whole school approach.

The National STEM Learning Centre and Network has supported many of these projects in a variety of ways, some in conjunction with the NCETM. Schools that were supported were required to write a case study of their experience, which is intended as a stimulus for discussion amongst colleagues considering taking a similar approach to developing STEM in their school or college.

The case studies describe the focus area for the project, how it operated in practice, some advice on getting started and an insight into what impact schools identified.

Below are the publications and final reports produced by supported schools.



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Promoting the Active and Effective Use of Statistical Techniques within the Sciences

The STEM Knowledge Network based at King Edward’s Stourbridge has developed a range of materials to further the active use of statistics within the sciences.

These have been trialled in some subject areas and are...

STEM in a Box: Coordinating the Teaching of Common Content through a Practical Project across Year Eight

Newland School is passionate about promoting women into areas such as mathematics and science, which are often viewed as traditionally male careers. Success in these careers requires an ability to draw on a range of common skills, but the traditionally isolated nature of secondary school departments has been a...

Success in Science: Does It Add Up?

Successful scientists require a broad range of skills and attributes in order to achieve, and have recognition of, their successes. Central and pivotal to these skills is the mastery of number and a proficiency in mathematics. In science lessons students frequently rely...

Using the Resource Collection to Improve Teaching and Learning in STEM Subjects

A group of enthusiastic mathematics and science teachers with an interest in raising student achievement and making the link between the STEM subjects spent several months working as a STEM Knowledge Network and were able to commit time to evaluating the benefits of...


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