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Twig World is an award-winning digital media company offering film-based products via a subscription service.

Twig World films are created specifically for use in schools. Each three-minute film is carefully crafted using world-class documentary footage with input from teachers and prominent academics.



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The films in the collection cover key topics in plant biology, including photosynthesis, tropisms, transport, parasitic plants and medicines from plants.

The films in this collection cover key topics in chemistry, including hydrocarbons, esters, alkanes, polymers, plastics and fractional distillation.

The films in this collection look at how we map the Earth. Topics include ordnance survey maps, time zones, longitude and mapping the ocean floor.

This collection contains six videos, each about three minutes in length. Each video covers a different aspect of estimation set in differing contexts. Each video is accompanied by a lesson plan and a worksheet containing questions of differing difficulty associated with the mathematical topics encountered in the...


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