Maths - Accuracy and Estimation

This collection contains six videos, each about three minutes in length. Each video covers a different aspect of estimation set in differing contexts. Each video is accompanied by a lesson plan and a worksheet containing questions of differing difficulty associated with the mathematical topics encountered in the video. The mathematical concepts covered include estimating large numbers, estimating measurements, accuracy of measurement and rounding to an appropriate degree of accuracy.



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Counting Crowds

This two and half minute video, from Twig World, begins by asking how it was estimated that 1.8 million people attended the swearing in ceremony of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States. Statisticians use a variety of methods to help estimate large crowds, taking into account known values and...

How long is a Metre?

This three minute video, from Twig World, explains that the metre is the base unit for measurement for most of the world, but how was it agreed how long a metre should be? The need for standardised units of measurement is discussed and the value of the metre being one ten millionth of the distance from the North...

Jai Singh

This video, from Twig World, explains how the city of Jaipur in India was designed by the mathematician and King Jai Singh II. In order to ‘unravel the mysteries of the Heavens’, he built a series of observatories and the largest sundial in order to make the most accurate sundial in the world.

The video is...

Rounding: Snails Vs Rockets

This video, from Twig World, explains how we are able to measure extremes of speed, from incredibly fast to extremely slow. The degree of accuracy required when taking these measures needs to be decided. This is achieved by rounding. Examples of unhelpful rounding are given and the need for the notion of...


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