The Crystal

The Crystal is a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens and home to the world's largest exhibition focused on urban sustainability.

Siemens have created a series of project-based activities (aimed at Key Stage Three) that reflect the themes explored in the Crystal exhibition and encourage students to challenge and change the way they think about our cities now and for future generations.

The Crystal Exhibition is situated in Royal Victoria Docks, East London, and is divided into three distinct areas, each giving a different perspective:

[b]* The Mega Zone (zones 1-3) - presents a global perspective[/b]
Looks at some of the mega-trends and takes a global view of the challenges and opportunities facing the world’s cities today. This is based on three large scale changes taking place in cities everywhere: climate change, demographic change and urbanisation.

[b]* The Macro Zones (zones 4-12) - present a city perspective[/b]
Show possible solutions to key sustainability issues, all of which are already happening somewhere in the world. They demonstrate how technology, used effectively, can make cities more sustainable.

[b]* The Micro Zone (zone 14) - presents an individual perspective[/b]
Looks at what sustainable cities of the future could look like and challenges students to decide what they can do to help make the vision happen.

Students learn about the major global trends facing our cities today, explore the latest technologies and innovative solutions and relate the challenges and solutions to their everyday environments. They also explore how they can make a real and personal contribution to sustainable living.

The Crystal resources include:
• An introduction to urban sustainability
• Teachers' notes - with project guidance, extension ideas, curriculum mapping and links to supporting material and websites of interest
• Student projects - with project aims, useful web links, information and activity sheets, and evaluation for students to evaluate their work and record their learning.

The background file below gives information on 'What is the Crystal?'.


Zones 1, 2 and 3: Forces of Change

This Crystal exhibition resource from Siemens introduces the challenges of the future for cities and shows how demographic change, urbanisation and climate change impact all parts of people’s lives – from politics and the economy, to quality of life and the environment.

Project 2050 is a research and...

Zones 5 and 6: Smart Buildings

This Crystal exhibition resource from Siemens highlights the high levels of inefficiencies in most buildings and offers solutions such as smart buildings, reducing resources and making buildings more efficient. Super Cool Uniform is a design project where students need to research optimum working temperatures in...

Zone 4: Creating Cities

This Crystal exhibition resource from Siemens shows the multi-faceted decision-making, holistic urban planning and monitoring needed when shaping and running our cities.

Bringing the City Back to Life is a business studies and enterprise project where students are asked to identify empty property or land in...

Zone 7: Safe and Sound

This Crystal exhibition resource from Siemens presents the diverse risks in a city and ways in which these risks can be detected, prevented and responded to in order to make the city more resilient. It focuses on safety and security, including incidents such as crime, access control and fire.



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