This collection contains four sub-collections; Basic Operations, Number, Fractions, Graph Transformations. There is also a separate resource called Maths and art. Each sub-collection consists of a number of short, instructional videos describing how to perform a variety of mathematical operations. The videos are produced by William Emeny for the website.



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Basic Operations

This collection of videos, produced by William Emeny for, describe methods of how to perform the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and addition.

Addition covers adding whole numbers and decimals using the column method.



This collection consists of five videos split into two sections.

In the first section there are videos explaining how to find factors of numbers, multiples of numbers and how to find prime numbers.

The second section contains two videos each explaining how to find the highest common factor and the...


This collection of videos from explain the basics of what a fraction is, equivalent fractions, writing fractions in ther simplest form, mixed numbers, comparing fractions, calculating a fraction of an amount, multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, adding fractions and subtracting fractions....

This collection of videos has three sections.

The first resource explains what is meant by function notation and how transformations can be expressed using this notation.

The second resource contains two videos showing how graphs can be translated. The graphs are shown along with the relevant notation...


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