This collection consists of five videos split into two sections.

In the first section there are videos explaining how to find factors of numbers, multiples of numbers and how to find prime numbers.

The second section contains two videos each explaining how to find the highest common factor and the lowest common multiple. The second video uses prime factor decomposition.

The videos are produced by



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Factors, Multiples and Primes

Factors – Beginning with the definition of what a factor is this video proceeds to find the factors of 12 with the aid of a factor bug. The factor bug is a visually stimulating method of finding factors and suitable for use with younger students. After finding the factors of 18, the factors of 17 are found....

Highest Common Factors and Lowest Common Multiples

Highest common factor and lowest common multiple – The first example finds the highest common factor of 6 and 15 by listing all the factors of each number, highlighting all the common factors and indicating the highest common factor. A similar technique is used to find the lowest common multiple of 6 and 15....