This collection of videos from explain the basics of what a fraction is, equivalent fractions, writing fractions in ther simplest form, mixed numbers, comparing fractions, calculating a fraction of an amount, multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, adding fractions and subtracting fractions.

Each demonstration explains carefully the mathematics behind the techniques and uses clear, simple diagrams to aid understanding.



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Fractions: The Basics

What are fractions? The basics – This video covers the basics of fractions beginning with the definition of the numerator and the denominator. Simple examples are given to illustrate that fractions are a way of describing proportion. There follows an...

Fractions: Adding and Subtracting

Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator – This video begins by showing the common mistake of adding the numerator and adding the denominator and explaining why this cannot be correct. The correct method is used with a pictorial representation to aid understanding. The video continues with a...

Fractions: Mixed Numbers

Converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions – The explanation begins by showing the difference between a proper fraction, an improper fraction and a mixed number. Pictorial representations of the fractions are used to aid understanding of how a mixed...