SMILE Mathematics Books

SMILE (Secondary Mathematics Individualised Learning Experiment) was initially developed as a series of practical activities for secondary school students by practising teachers in the 1970's.

These mathematics books are intended to be not only a source of ideas but to be a flexible resource that can be adapted to different circumstances and ability groups. They cover Key Stages Two, Three and Four.

Each of these books is a standalone resource full of ideas and suggestions, many of which have been collected or trialled by practising teachers.



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Numeracy: maths in your head - lesson starters and enders

A compilation of whole class activities from SMILE intended for use as lesson starters or as part of a plenary session. The activities are categorised into five sections. Each section contains a number of activity ideas each consisting of a clear aim, a full description and suggested variations. The activity...

Mathematics: reasoning - activities for developing thinking skills

This resource from SMILE Mathematics contains 27 activities with full teacher's notes and answers.

Tables booklets from SMILE mathematics

Contained within this pack are the worksheet originals for the tables booklets produced by SMILE.

There are eleven tables booklets, one for each of the times tables from two to twelve. Each table is presented in a variety of styles, number squares and ladders, mapping excercises, shading and number questions...

SMILE mathematics commercial references 0001-2403 in numerical order

The 2001 SMILE Network reflects the Mathematics National Curriculum 2000 and the Key Stage 3 Framework for Teaching Mathematics.

The Network is intended to assist teachers in planning and recording a scheme of work for each student according to their mathematical needs.

The Network can be used as a...