SMILE Mathematics Books

SMILE (Secondary Mathematics Individualised Learning Experiment) was initially developed as a series of practical activities for secondary school students by practising teachers in the 1970's.

These mathematics books are intended to be not only a source of ideas but to be a flexible resource that can be adapted to different circumstances and ability groups. They cover Key Stages Two, Three and Four.

Each of these books is a standalone resource full of ideas and suggestions, many of which have been collected or trialled by practising teachers.



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Activity Books

This collection from SMILE contains resources with a variety of activities for students from Key Stages Two to Four.

They cover mathematical reasoning to develop thinking skills, using spreadsheets, whole school projects and transition from Key Stage Two to Three.

Makes Sense Series

This set of six books from SMILE caters for a wide range of ability and ages. The activities cover aspects of algebra, multiplication, ratio and using spreadsheets. All include teachers' notes and photocopiable activity sheets.

Many of the activities are suitable for whole class lessons and contain much...

Algebra makes sense

This resource from SMILE contains twenty activities focusing on algebra. The activities address different aspects of algebra and are appropriate for a range of learning styles and abilities. 

Numeracy: multiplication makes sense

This resource from SMILE contains 15 activities focusing on multiplication, arranged in order of difficulty. The activities address different aspects of multiplication and are appropriate for a range of working styles. Each activity is accompanied by teachers' notes, which give guidance on whether the activity is...