National Science Learning Network: Design and Technology Resources

These materials, from the National Science Learning Network, look at electronics, electricity, robotics and control. A range of activities include teachers' notes as well as student activity sheets.

Topics on electricity are aimed to give support and guidance to teachers through articles on:




There are also a range of activities which help students to look at generating and controlling movement.

In these, students make devices that include:

*an electric racer

*a screw thread linear actuator

*a muscle wire actuator

*a rotating arm actuator



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Essential Ideas in Electronics: Current

Published in Electronics Education, this article is aimed at giving guidance to teachers and explains the ideas and models behind the understanding of electric current.

The article begins by discussing the make-up of...

Essential Ideas in Electronics: Resistance

This article, from Electronics Education, is aimed at giving guidance to teachers and takes an in depth examination of resistance and conduction. It is also linked with an earlier article Essential Ideas in Electronics: Current.


Essential Ideas in Electronics: Voltage

These articles, first published in Electronics Education, are aimed at giving guidance to teachers and help to describe the concept of voltage in an electric circuit. There are two articles in this resource.

The first...

Make it Move: Electric Racer

In this design challenge from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, students build an electric racer powered by a super-capacitor. Students must construct the racer and choose which pulley ratio will enable it to cover the greatest distance.



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