This collection from Teachers TV features videos which provide great lesson ideas for primary mathematics practitioners, covering topics such as:




*data handling

*venn diagrams



*problem solving

*shape and space



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Shape and Space

From the series Great Lesson Ideas, this Teachers TV video looks at games and activities used in two primary schools to develop student’s understanding of shape and space. At Cuffley School, Hertfordshire, students in Year Two and Year Three explore the characteristics of different shapes using pieces of elastic...

Problem-Solving Language

This Teachers TV video is from the series Great Lesson Ideas and highlights a strategy for teaching problem solving at Key Stage Two. Tracy Stuart, a Year Five teacher at Ripple Primary School in Barking, designed this lesson to help her students develop their understanding of how the language of a problem...

Chessboard Algebra

From the series Great Lesson Ideas, this Teachers TV video shows an idea for teaching algebra using a chessboard.

Michelle Bottomley teaches her Year Six class at Tetherdown Primary School, north London, how to use their knowledge of the properties of numbers to solve problems. The students also learn how...

Just a Fraction

A successful method of teaching fractions to primary students is vividly captured in Just a Fraction. This Teachers TV video follows a group of seven year old students at Janvrin School in Jersey. The technique used is visualisation using paper cups cut into halves and quarters, cards representing different...