Teaching Astronomy and Space: Expand Your Horizons

Teaching Astronomy and Space was a DVD produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP) and Teachers TV, with funding by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). Its purpose was to support the teaching of astronomy, cosmology and space to students aged 11 to 16. This collection contains individual video clips that can be used to develop teaching and learning approaches as well as with students in the classroom. Some are also suitable as introductions to topics for post-16 students.

This collection contains videos on a range of topics.

* Classroom demonstrations
Short, illustrative video clips showing demonstrations to help students understand concepts such as red shift, the phases of the moon, orbits of planets and comets, solar eclipses and the electromagnetic spectrum.

* Astronomers explain
Astronomers talk about their work, including topics such as Saturn and its moons, asteroids and comets, the Sun, the lifecycle of stars, exoplanets and the big bang.

In addition to video clips there is also guidance and advice on setting up and managing activities with students.



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These short video clips, from the Teaching Astronomy and Space DVD produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP) and Teachers TV, show simple, accessible and effective demonstrations that can be carried out with students. The demonstrations do not require specialised equipment and help students to understand topics...

The video clips in this collection are a collaboration between Teachers TV, the Institute of Physics and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). Each features a current scientist explaining an aspect of their field of expertise. The topics covered include: * Models of the Solar System * Saturn and the...

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