In these resources from ARKive, key stage two children look at the variety of living things and the idea of adaptation. The materials contain rich images along with teacher guidance and children's activity sheets.

The resources look at a variety of topics and these include:

  • designing a minibeast
  • endangered species
  • food chains
  • plants and the variety of living things in a rainforest
  • evolution

Please note that the website is no longer available. However, in March 2024, to continue the legacy of ARKive, Wildscreen launched Wildscreen ARK, an online nature education hub for young people, built to inspire curiosity about the natural world and empower them to protect it.



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ARKive's Adaptation: Design a Species Activity

This creative activity from ARKive is designed to teach key stage two students about the concept of adaptation. Using the marine environment as an example, students learn about how different species are adapted physically or behaviourally to survive in a particular type of habitat. Students then design their own...

Dinner at the Reef: Food Chains (Age 7 to 11)

Published by the ARKive Project, this fun and interactive game explores food chains in a marine environment, predator-prey relationships and the fine balance of an ecosystem. The resources include teachers notes and students activity sheets.

Please note that the website is no longer available...

Marvellous Mini-beasts: Design a Species (Age 7 to 11)

In this activity, produced by ARKive, children learn about the concept of adaptation. They create and design a new species of mini-beast and learn how different species are adapted to survive in particular habitats. The activity could be undertaken in class or set as a homework activity. This creative activity is...

Endangered Species Bingo (Age 7 to 11)

Produced by ARKive, this engaging activity introduces students to the concept of endangered species and what it means when a species becomes extinct. After a class discussion about endangered species and the different endangered statuses, knowledge is reinforced by playing Endangered Species Bingo. The 'caller' has...