How to Punk Your Science

From the Science Museum, this set of short videos contains tip from the museum's Punk Science team for making science demonstrations fun and exciting! The presenters look to involve volunteers in their presentations and have deliberately chosen not to use sophisticated props. Using this approach enables the Punk Science team to explain theoretical science in an understandable and engaging way.


How to Save the Planet and Be Cool

In this Science Museum video, the Punk Science team show some of the changes needed to help prevent climate change, focusing on reuse, recycling and reducing waste. Many ways of reducing waste are shown in the form of a photo diary. The issues of food miles and vehicle emissions are also addressed.

Drug Trials - the Punk Science Way

In this video, produced by the Science Museum, the Punk Science team show how drug trials are carried out. They conduct an experiment which shows the effects of melatonin, comparing the reactions of subjects who have taken a melatonin supplement or a placebo pill.

How to Produce Neurotransmitters That Make You Feel Healthy

In this video, produced by the Science Museum, the Punk Science team look at the effects of the food we eat on neurotransmitters in the brain. They show an experiment comparing the effects of exercise, different foods and laughter on health; and explain that these cause changes in seratonin and dopamine levels....


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