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360 degree periscope

In this activity students make a periscope and investigate the topic of light.

Resources required:

Cardboard, mirrors.

Bottle-Top Shapes

Shapes and patterns can be found all around us – from flowers to footballs, seashells to staircases. In this activity, simple lines drawn on bottle tops or jam jar lids provide a fun way into the wonderful world of geometry.

Learning outcomes:

  • Investigate position, direction and movement of...

Bubble Fun

This activity contains the Science Museum’s secret bubble recipe and ideas about how to create brilliant bubble-blowers. There’s also a lot to find out about the science of mixtures and materials and the properties of water.

Learning outcomes:

  • Investigate how mixing water changes the way it...

Build a Dome

Many structures are built around frameworks made of straight, rigid pieces of wood or metal, called members, connected together. Forces generated in the members support the structure. In this activity, drinking straws are used as members, to make a self-supporting dome.

Learning outcomes:

  • ...

Carbon Cycle Caper

In this series of activities from the Science Museum, students understand the carbon cycle, how it has been affected by our use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution and how this underlies current worries about climate change. Students gain an atom's eye view of the carbon cycle and play out how the...

'Challenge of materials: exploring materials' is an interactive reference resource for teenagers and adults. The CD-ROM builds on work done for the Science Museum's highly successful 'Challenge of materials' gallery. It combines colourful visual with simple text to present a wealth of information about the science...

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9780112903307: The Challenge of the Chip (Science Museum)


This book is an absorbing, detailed and fast-moving account of the emergence of the microchip. It includes a brief run-down of the development of electronics over the...

Connector Robot

Learn about electricity with this fun Connector Robot - when a closed path is made by touching both of the robot's arms, an electric circuit is completed and...

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Produced by the Science Museum, this resource sees students working in groups to explore the issues surrounding genetic testing. Students receive a sealed secret box, that contains a chance card. Opening the box represents taking a genetic test. Students have to decide whether they would want to open the box. In...


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