How to Punk Your Science

From the Science Museum, this set of short videos contains tip from the museum's Punk Science team for making science demonstrations fun and exciting! The presenters look to involve volunteers in their presentations and have deliberately chosen not to use sophisticated props. Using this approach enables the Punk Science team to explain theoretical science in an understandable and engaging way.


Selective Breeding and Genetic Modification

Produced by the Punk Science team from the Science Museum, this video clip asks, "What’s the difference between selective breeding and genetic modification?"

The engaging video looks at how traits can be selected by breeders to produce offspring with desirable features. This is compared with genetic...

How Might the Universe End?

In this fun science video, the Science Museum's Punk Science team look at the three main theories about how the universe might end. They start by looking at the big bang and the beginnings of the universe. They then demonstrate the three possible causes of the end of the universe: the Big Crunch, the Big Chill...

Nanotechnology Song

In this engaging video clip, produced by the Science Museum, the Punk Science team explains the science of nanotechnology in the form of a song. The song explains why we need microscopes to see nanoparticles, how it is possible to examine how materials behave and that nanotechnology leads to scientific...

How to Punk Your Science

In this video, produced by the Science Museum, the Punk Science team explain the fun methods that they use to demonstrate scientific concepts to school students. They aim to be engaging and imaginative, to give interpretations of different theories and include all students in three-dimensional, participatory...


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